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TRENDING! Shatta Wale Endorses Criss Waddle’s ‘Bokoor di3’ Single.

When the beefs happen between two artistes, their fans are the major contributors. Each side has their fans saying a lot of things in their opinion or how they saw things. Some fans even go at each other and say unpleasant stuffs to each other.

Most of these fans do not understand showbiz to the core. Some of these so called beefs are a way of “awakening” or elevating a brand higher than it already is with a kind of relevance. And mostly they are a mutual understanding between the two artistes.

We all recall the beef between the AMG CEO, Criss Waddle and the Shatta Movement Boss, Shatta Wale, a couple of months back. These two had a lot to say about each other and amazing secrets were revealed. As to whether they were true or not, we took pleasure in listening to them.

Criss Waddle released a song titled ‘bokoor di3’ earlier this week and got some controversy from one upcoming artiste who claimed the AMG boss had stolen the song title from him. These accusations happen a lot in our music industry and mainstream artistes like Guru can attest to it.

After the song was released, the SM Boss released a video in which he was busily singing to the ‘bokoor di3’ song playing in the background. Before the video ended it was heard that he mentioned Criss Waddle’s name asking him  ‘bokoor di3’ (everything ok?), lol. Don’t you love our industry already?

Criss Waddle later posted the video and this is what he had to say about it.

“Hahaha Charles Nii Armah Mensah aka Shatta Wale,??? Chaaaaaampion You do all o , Na Bokoor di3??? ????? Respect to you ? #AmGBusiness #SM thanks for showing love.”


We all secretly love peace. Where there is peace, there is love. Together we can change things around us for a better world!

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